Freedom of Speech

January 10th, 2015 by admin


What has happened to French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has really touched my heart and stuck in my head for a few days now. For the most it will go away as soon as another fresh news is served from the oven but I can’t help myself wondering how could that be happening and I really want to know till the end. Don’t we all want to have some justices? Maybe it is only fun to discuss when people are still talking about it but what’s the point of digging into the story when no one seems to care anymore right? No, that is only the act of stupid people whom I don’t want to share my opinion with.

I can fully understand that some are offended when others ridiculed their loves one and for some of them their God is their biggest love. But killing as a reply? Really? What kind of creepy God do they have? I am not talking about any religions but I am talking about a bunch of cowards who hide behind something to commit a gruesome crime. Whether it is a hateful religion leader or a greedy parlement member they all will collect the profit while letting the population turn their heads and point the other direction cause human is a propaganda sensitive being. In the end the innocents will fight against each other while those “smart” cowards will play the third party and runaway with the treasure.

As a coloured gay man I used to fight for my right and my freedom till I found out that I only have to claimed them. Therefore I do support the freedom of speech but where lays the limit? Some angry people claimed to be willing to die for the Freedom of Speech. Really? By means they are willing to die for Homophob, Racism, Apartheid, Pedophilia cause they all are about Freedom of Speech. The stupid ones but they still are. My limits will be the actions. You can say all the craps you want as long as you don’t practice them against someone in person cause one on one bullying is a crime against humanity.

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January 8th, 2015 by admin


English is not my first nor my second language. Honestly I don’t speak any languages properly at all since my Indonesian is very outdated. Learning languages has always been my weakest point. Making up I mean writing down a story however is one of my biggest pleasure. So where do I start when I don’t own the initial tool.

Well, my teacher who is a Brit encouraged me to write and advised me to stop being afraid of making mistakes on my writing cause its content that matters. Having listened to her I started writing my blog in 2012. Therefore I can practice my English though I am fully aware of the mistakes that I am still making. Her constructive criticisms however had kept me going cause holding myself back to avoid mistakes is creating my biggest mistake. After all I want to become better while receiving only compliments won’t move me from the spot where I am at.

Working behind the scene is not for me to achieve. I love being in front line facing the judgment cause criticisms are very important for me to reflect the hidden details of my own image. But throughout my adult life I’ve learned how to filter out the constructive ones since the most will only be used to put people down. A good criticisms will replace a mistake with the best solution while the bad ones will only point at it. So what is the point of giving criticisms if we don’t know better but I guess that how human works. Due to the fact that human is the world biggest plague some are born to create, some are to keep but the most are to destroy. Maybe there is a thin line between bull shit and honesty but the smell will keep them far apart. When hurtful love is pronounced it is for us to absorb.

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January 7th, 2015 by admin


Yesterday morning when I arrived at the office my colleague from the ground floor was already busy storing documents at our department. I condiser him as one of the most kind colleague from the whole company. Unlike me he never raised his voice when angry at the unfair judgment and always keeps himself together when stupidity occurs. Furthermore he is smart and a hard worker. We don’t have that many of his kind at the office.

After having had a deeply conversation things came to my knowledge that we are not so different from each other. We both are resentful when it comes to ultimate betrayal. A revenge is probably too far for me to take but I don’t see the point of healing when wound is purposely injured. Mistakes are for a human to make but you need an evil mind to commit a betrayal. When you don’t have any empathy to one who is dear to you, you are just a narcissistic creature who only cares about yourself.

Being close to someone does feel good but unfortunately we couldn’t detect evil among us cause they come in any shape. Whether it is blood or water seal profit will always break the deal. While collecting the treasure they will let you bleed to death. Human bodies however are very unique cause with the help of time it can heal itself though inner cut will left a scar, which can lead to a dark revenge. Thank God it is not my preference as I don’t want to become one of them. I am way too pretty to do the ugly work.

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Defining Intelligence

April 22nd, 2012 by admin

How can we define intelligence? Is it something we are born with or something that we can improve?
According to Dr Gardner, intelligence is a mixture of abilities that are very different from each other. Having interested in his theory I took his intelligent test and the result has shown how bad I was in finding my way home. Furthermore it has had encourage me to stop singing, to do more work out and to start watering the plants.
The result has also confirmed that the left side of my brain has not been working well.
Intelligence result

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Black Swan

April 22nd, 2012 by admin

Good artworks for me are always based on a well balanced contrast. It doesn’t matter to me whether the contrast are referring to the colors, Shapes or sizes. When I watched the trailer of “Black Swan” for the first time I was impressed by the contrast between the softness of a ballerina and the violence of some actions. It gave me the urge to watch the semi independent movie which was directed by Darren Anorofsky.

The main character Nina Sayer was played by Natalie Portman who won an Oscar for her performance in that movie. However …

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