Wrong Crowed

December 22nd, 2009 by admin

Mr P said that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely and Mr A who is agreed with him said that loneliness is being not listened even though you have screamed it out loud. I believe it can be true. So if I follow their statements I can conclude that loneliness is just the symptom and not the disease. What is the cause of this disease? Are peoples really suffering from it? Do they want to be cure? Or is just a simple common phenomenon in this community?

Yesterday when I was gathering with friends we were talking about the coming up Holiday season. I was totally surprise to know that almost everybody in the room hasn’t planned anything to celebrate Christmas or New Year. When I asked my question it seems like I brought the hell fire to the room as people told me that you couldn’t celebrate anything alone. In this case they don’t talk about friends but about life partner. So if you don’t have any partner you don’t have anything to celebrate? But are they right? Maybe it didn’t affect all single person in this world but somehow it does affect the most. Like the article I have read last week: “The most single in The Netherlands want to have a winter sleep during the holiday seasons and wake up on second of January to avoid being alone during the Holiday seasons”

As naïve as I am (No, I am lying I just want to heat up the conversation) I brought up this article to discuses it with them. Even though they know how to describe their own experience of loneliness none of them can describe the cause of it. But after listening to different kind of stories I can conclude that being lonely is cause by “Being in the wrong crowed, which include one person space”.

But why we end up in a wrong crowed? In the most of cases is because we want to belong to something. Life seemed so much easier if you just joint the majority but in a long term it will always cost you more then what you received. And sometimes it cost a lot of irreparable damages. Unfortunately it is not always up to us to choose the right crowed such as Family, Colleague or Classmate. This environment in case of Mr P and Mr A has played a big deal. They both were married for years without wanted it. They both are gay but afraid for being banished by their own crowed so they followed the rule and suffered for loneliness for years. But what is worthier? Being in the wrong crowed or being alone? The most will chose the crowed because it seemed save. But does it? I don’t think so, I believe to avoid this kind of unnecessary unfortunate phenomenon is to select the right crowed for your self and don’t decide for others.

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