Buying fake products is a foolish expensive habit

December 25th, 2009 by admin

“I don’t need brand to be beautiful, I need Couture” So don’t mix me up with a shopaholic because I am not. I don’t shop a lot but I do have terrifying expensive taste which I couldn’t effort it myself. So what are we going to do to solve these horrible problems? Should I purchase a fake label? Or should I purchase none?

If you walk through Face book you will find a lot of Pages and Profiles that offer you the replica goodies. These goodies looked almost similar as the real one and on some page they even use the picture of the genuine brand to seduce your sensor of fashion. The quality of these fake goodies is so good that some seller call it semi original. Which is totally crap, as we all know that there is no such things as Semi Original, There is nothing between Original and Fake.

What is the reason why a lot of people like to buy these labels? Do we really like them, or we just want to be judge well and belong to a certain group? If you really like them you can not help your self to want them but I do believe that you will never satisfied with the fake one as it wouldn’t be the one that you consider as pretty. If judge will be the reason, you do realize that you want people to misjudge you right? Because you do want to be seen with genuine products while you are walking around with a fake one. But don’t forget that people wont judge you for your goodies but for your whole personality so they will now anyway if you carry the fake one as it will belong to the rest of you.

Maybe money is the main reason why people consider to buy a fake one any way. Maybe we just don’t think it is worthy to spend so much money to buy the genuine product so we just purchase a fake because it is cheaper. But does it? So I went through Internet to check out the prices of this so called “semi original” products. The most of them asked between 20 to 30 % of the original price. It means that you can purchase 5 goods in state on 1. It is sounds reasonable but do you realize that you just purchase 5 worthless goods with the same amount of money as 1 valuable?

To prove my theory right, why don’t you can search for the vintage products? All genuine brands will somehow keep the value and the fake goods will end up in trashcan. So there is no investment in buying fake products it is just an expensive habit.

In my case money is the obstacle to buy a genuine product so it means I cannot effort to buy 5 fake ones either. My only possibility is to buy 1 fake one but considering it is worthless, I rather buy brand less products that suite my personality as it will cost me much less and both are totally worthless anyway. “Better no Brand then Fake Brand”

So my conclusion is to avoid buying fake products, as it won’t do your appearances or your wallet any good. Save the world started by saving the Couture.

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