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English is not my first nor my second language. Honestly I don’t speak any languages properly at all since my Indonesian is very outdated. Learning languages has always been my weakest point. Making up I mean writing down a story however is one of my biggest pleasure. So where do I start when I don’t own the initial tool.

Well, my teacher who is a Brit encouraged me to write and advised me to stop being afraid of making mistakes on my writing cause its content that matters. Having listened to her I started writing my blog in 2012. Therefore I can practice my English though I am fully aware of the mistakes that I am still making. Her constructive criticisms however had kept me going cause holding myself back to avoid mistakes is creating my biggest mistake. After all I want to become better while receiving only compliments won’t move me from the spot where I am at.

Working behind the scene is not for me to achieve. I love being in front line facing the judgment cause criticisms are very important for me to reflect the hidden details of my own image. But throughout my adult life I’ve learned how to filter out the constructive ones since the most will only be used to put people down. A good criticisms will replace a mistake with the best solution while the bad ones will only point at it. So what is the point of giving criticisms if we don’t know better but I guess that how human works. Due to the fact that human is the world biggest plague some are born to create, some are to keep but the most are to destroy. Maybe there is a thin line between bull shit and honesty but the smell will keep them far apart. When hurtful love is pronounced it is for us to absorb.

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