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Yesterday morning when I arrived at the office my colleague from the ground floor was already busy storing documents at our department. I condiser him as one of the most kind colleague from the whole company. Unlike me he never raised his voice when angry at the unfair judgment and always keeps himself together when stupidity occurs. Furthermore he is smart and a hard worker. We don’t have that many of his kind at the office.

After having had a deeply conversation things came to my knowledge that we are not so different from each other. We both are resentful when it comes to ultimate betrayal. A revenge is probably too far for me to take but I don’t see the point of healing when wound is purposely injured. Mistakes are for a human to make but you need an evil mind to commit a betrayal. When you don’t have any empathy to one who is dear to you, you are just a narcissistic creature who only cares about yourself.

Being close to someone does feel good but unfortunately we couldn’t detect evil among us cause they come in any shape. Whether it is blood or water seal profit will always break the deal. While collecting the treasure they will let you bleed to death. Human bodies however are very unique cause with the help of time it can heal itself though inner cut will left a scar, which can lead to a dark revenge. Thank God it is not my preference as I don’t want to become one of them. I am way too pretty to do the ugly work.

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