Black Swan

Good artworks for me are always based on a well balanced contrast. It doesn’t matter to me whether the contrast are referring to the colors, Shapes or sizes. When I watched the trailer of “Black Swan” for the first time I was impressed by the contrast between the softness of a ballerina and the violence of some actions. It gave me the urge to watch the semi independent movie which was directed by Darren Anorofsky.

The main character Nina Sayer was played by Natalie Portman who won an Oscar for her performance in that movie. However the supporting roles were played by brilliant actors as well such as Barbara Hershey, Winona Ryders, Vincent Cassel and the beautiful brunette Mila Kunis who is best known for her role as Jackie in the hit TV Sitcom “That’s 70s Show”

Black Swan tells us a story about a young girl called Nina who won the leading part of a ballet show named “Swan Lake”. To be able to play her part, Nina had to perform both Princess Odette the white swan and Princess Odile the black swan. While Nina played princess odette beautifully she had problems adapting the character of the “Black Swan”. Having practiced too much nina started to lose her mind and slowly turned into Princess Odile in real life. And this transformations had brought her into several imaginary, unpleasant and dangerous situations.

“Black Swan” is a very pleasant movie to watch as it has the right speed and the climax was built up strongly. All characters were played brilliantly by the actors. But the costumes were too much. They were more suitable for Brazilian carnivals than for ballet performances. Unfortunately some scenes were not put on the right time line and it has cost the chaos on the storyline.

I strongly believe that “Black Swan” will be a better product if Darren was an European as European directors are the better independent movie makers. Despite some negative critics about this movie. “Black Swan” is still worth seeing by anybody who loves independent movie and Hollywood blockbuster.